About Us

At Clean Air Testing, Inc. we possess a combined industry knowledge spanning over 60 years. Our staff has been trained and/or factory certified through companies such as NuAire, The Baker Co., Labconco and Forma Scientific as well as training in various safety seminars such as the Harvard School of Public Health (Testing and Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets Program). We are a manufacturer’s preferred service provider, capable of servicing all major brands and sizes of equipment.

Our certifiers understand the seriousness of properly balanced equipment. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail and taking the time to do each job correctly, the first time. We make it a priority to build a lasting relationship by offering the utmost professional service and support to ensure factual and accurate results for years to come.

Our company offers certification services for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to hospitals pharmacies, laboratories, surgical suites, general air handling systems, hematology & oncology clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, medical products manufacturing, food processing, packaging, laundering, research, Universities, and State Health.


  Non-viable particulate count survey
•  Viable particulate count survey (optional)
•  Room static pressurization readings (optional)
•  Terminal HEPA filter module air volume readings and/or calculations (optional)
•  Terminal HEPA filter module air velocity readings and/or calculations (optional)
•  Generated aerosol HEPA and/or ULPA filter leak testing (optional)
•  HEPA and/or ULPA filter leak scanning with no induced challenge (optional)
•  Room air change rate calculations (optional)
•  Temperature readings (optional)
•  Relative humidity readings (optional)
•  Sound level readings (optional)
•  Light level readings (optional)
•  Vibration levels (optional)
•  Airflow patterns (optional)
•  Recovery test (optional)
•  Comprehensive computer generated report